Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Chicken parma
Located in Swanston Street is this grungy institution that was established eons ago. My middle aged friends fondly reminisce about spending their halcyon days (or rather nights) at Lounge when it was an exclusive nightclub. One recalls scaling the drainpipe and busting in through the bathroom window one night when Nick Cave was performing. From my experience, the hedonism has since been toned down but it is still a favourite hangout for a variety of crowds. 

Food at Lounge is under the banner of “Gloria Swanston’s Kitchen”, and features comfort food with an American bent. Deep fried dishes and burgers abound.  I hear the beef sliders are tasty but haven’t sampled them myself. 

Beef sliders
Lounge does a great weekday deal where a particular dish is offered for $10. I usually go on Mondays, where you can get an honest, cheesy parma. Cheap, cheerful and satisfying. Go later in the week for a steak sandwich or Texas BBQ ribs (approved by an American cohort).

The bar itself is decently stocked and the hipster staff unusually amicable.

The food is straightforward and uncomplicated, reflective of the venue. Go to Lounge when you’re looking to have a comfortable time, chilling out on the scattered lounges in the gloomy light; or migrate to the balcony perched above the hustle of Swanston Street.

243 Swanston Street

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