Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Being local to the Surf Coast I often eat at Lorne pub, its Victorian façade belying the yuppified interior. Situated on the main street, it offers spectacular views of the ocean and is unsurprisingly infested with tourists in summer.

It is a corporate sort of pub, run by a company and lacking individual flair. The dining room is a large open space, providing a mainstream, bustling ambiance. If you dislike a crowded atmosphere I would recommend somewhere else. I prefer to slum it downstairs at the bar with the colourful locals whilst getting on the punt.

The dinner menu is extensive, covering everything including steak, pub classics, seafood (obviously), and Mediterranean food.

The steak here is fantastic. Usually it is Wagyu, top quality and cooked to perfection; neither I nor my regular dining companion can fault it.
Butter chicken

My personal favourite is the butter chicken curry, though it tastes atypical and far from what you’d expect. Tender pieces of chicken in a sweet sauce, the dish is mild (except on Saturdays) and served with aromatic saffron rice. I’d eat it on a daily basis if possible.

The chicken parmigiana is excellent; not overcooked and most importantly they don’t skimp on the cheese. For those who prefer pasta, apparently the spaghetti bolognaise is appetising.

The wine list offers a good variety of types and regions and is sure to satisfy most connoisseurs. They seem to have an ample supply of Penfold’s, and conveniently there is a bottle shop downstairs.

Service here is consistently chipper, which surprises me as it is usually hectic, at least on the weekend.
Average wait time for food is twenty minutes.

Every weekend there is a guitarist doing covers; I feel he is horrible however the other patrons seem drunkenly content.

If you make a special trip down to Lorne, come during the winter to escape the crowds.

176 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne

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